Explore all of the powerful features that Teller has to offer.

Integrated Payment Tendering

Streamline your front counter process!

Teller provides rich payment tendering functionality, seamlessly integrated with local Point of Sale devices. Whether standalone or transparently integrated with host applications, Teller enables cashiers to confidently and securely serve customers.

  • Completes payments quickly and efficiently
  • Securely integrates credit cards directly into the payment
  • Supports partial payments
  • Eliminates dual data entry and related data entry errors
  • Allows multiple forms of payment tender to be used to pay a fee
  • Pays fees from multiple, unrelated jobs with a single receipt
  • Automatically calculates cash back
  • Prints validation and/or endorsement information on documents relevant to fee payment, such as checks and permit documents, using industry-standard validation hardware
  • Prints user-customizable receipts on a network printer or through a dedicated receipt printer
  • Saves receipt documents and archives key reports as PDFs
  • Maintains a full audit trail of all transactions, ensuring that posted data is not changed
  • Allows configuration of tender types to be used for payment tendering and how each tender type behaves during the payment tendering process
  • Captures check images for Remote Deposit and displays redacted checks for Payment research

Access Payment History within Integrated Business System

Many functions of Teller can also be performed directly within an integrated Business System:

  • View payment data directly from within a host Business System
  • Void payments
  • Cash in and out
  • View adjustment history
Independent Departments, Single Database

Teller enables configuration of distinct Department Systems, enabling autonomy in security, report, and workflow configuration while consolidating all payments into a single reportable database.

  • Workflow distinctly configured per Department
  • Delegate configuration management to a Department-specific administrator
  • Run reports per Department and across the enterprise

The Teller Dashboard displays recent activity and provides supervisors with an overview of all open cash drawer sessions.

  • Presents supervisors with roll-up view of activity taking place on all sessions
  • Provides quick access to recent payments
  • Allows users to drill down into the data, instantly running reports on specific cash drawers and cashing out sessions if needed
  • Provides information necessary to perform “spot checks” on specific cash drawers, checking that actual drawer activity matches what is tracked in the system
Drawer Session Management

Teller lets supervisors know how much is in a cash drawer at any time, in real-time. With the Drawer Session Manager supervisors can ensure the data integrity of each cashier’s transactions and easily reconcile against actual drawer contents:

  • Automatically trigger an electronic cash drawer when required for payment or drawer events, logging all access to the drawer
  • Ensure that users “Cash In” before tendering payment, tracking all payment tender information to drawer sessions
  • At the end of the shift, the “Cash Out” window allows a user to close their drawer, reconciling the cash in the drawer
  • During the Cash Out process, capture details of what is in the cash drawer, including currency amounts by denomination, recording over/short if necessary
  • Cash Out ensures that monies in the drawer match data tracked in the database before allowing session to close, but doesn’t disclose the amount of cash discrepancies except to users with security to see this information
  • Supervisors can cash out any drawer session
Batch Reconciliations

Teller’s Balance Batch feature allows supervisors to reconcile monies from closed sessions. To assist in reconciliation, supervisors can drill down into the details of each drawer session, searching for information and running reports on sessions:

  • Prepare for deposit
  • Consolidate session totals
  • Run reconciliation reports and user-defined reports during reconciliation or on previous batches
  • If necessary, supervisors can re-open batches to correct data issues

Teller’s Deposit feature enables electronic bank deposit as well as reconciliation of automated and manual deposit activities.

  • Generate deposit records based on site configuration
  • Automatically create an ICL file for bank deposit
  • Provide queue of check, cash, or credit deposits for reconciliation
  • Record discrepancies between Teller and bank statements
Voids and Corrections

With Teller, a supervisor can void any payment subject to fee security. Teller will retain all payment and void data as a complete audit trail:

  • Maintain complete audit trail and dual-entry accounting rigors
  • Securely manage changes to payments
  • Make corrections to payments without losing the history of all changes made
  • Re-print receipts, endorsements and validation stamps with adjusted information
Teller Payment Items

Payments do not need to be tied to Business System fees. With Teller, you can manage payments for goods and services defined by Teller. If desired, these items can be combined on the same payment as fees or charges from integrated Business Systems.

  • Manage Teller-defined items for payment
  • Include Teller items along with Business System fee payments, even if initiated directly from the host application
  • Initiate and process payments on Teller items separately from Business System fees if desired
Reports and Other Printed Output

Reports are integrated throughout the Teller application:

  • Teller provides comprehensive reporting at the drawer session, batch balancing, and management report levels.
  • Reporting includes detail and summary options for G/L Accounts and Tender Types, as well as Voids & Adjustments, User Audit, and the fan-favorite Teller Summary report with its pie charts on what has been going on in your department.
  • A report window is provided for easy access to management reports
  • Using the Teller Configuration web application, administrators can manage all Teller reports, controlling the data and layout of receipts, endorsements, and validations
  • Built-in reports can be customized with Crystal Reports
  • Report samples are included, as well as sample receipts, endorsements and validation configurations
  • Integrate custom Crystal Reports
G/L Interface

In Teller, the General Ledger (G/L) interface is user defined and straightforward to implement.

  • Reconciled transactions can be automatically batched for posting to your General Ledger system
  • Managed Export – the Teller Configuration web application allows configuration of the selection criteria and layout of export files, allowing you to customize the G/L interface for your needs
Payment Searching

Manage your Data!

With Teller’s payment management functionality, supervisors can easily find payments and group them for analysis.

  • Access payment data in real-time – locate the data that you need, when you need it
  • Using the Payment Manager, supervisors can void or correct a payment, view a receipt, view a check image, and re-print a receipt or validation
  • Payment details are displayed, including which fees were paid, who the responsible party was, and all tendering information
  • Instantly see history of payment modifications