Press Release: Teller Cashiering Implementation for City of San Luis Obispo

June 12, 2018

Early last month, the City of San Luis Obispo and the Teller cashiering team from Can/Am Technologies conducted onsite analysis meetings for a new point-of-sale system implementation. Representatives of the Finance department, Sierra-Cedar, and Can/Am worked on identifying the best approach to cashiering at the city.

The Teller implementation is part of the larger Motion Project that San Luis Obispo is working on with Sierra-Cedar, a successful and experienced implementer of the Oracle Cloud Application Suite. This project is driving to “improve productivity, deliver higher quality services, and support better decision making in the areas of finance, procurement, project management, personnel administration, talent management, benefits, payroll, financial reporting, and budgeting” for San Luis Obispo (see the Sierra-Cedar press release here).

The cashiering implementation will take advantage of the fully cloud-hosted, web-based Teller cash receipting system. The cloud-based approach allows the Can/Am team to easily support San Luis Obispo with upgrades and other services, thus freeing city IT to focus elsewhere. Credit card processing will continue to be done through Chase. Other key features implemented with Teller include using Teller for financial posting between departments, and a real-time integration with Oracle AR as payments are received for Billing.

The Teller team is excited to continue working with San Luis Obispo and Sierra-Cedar towards a go-live date in October, in conjunction with the Financials section of the Motion project. “We look forward to productive relationships with both the City and Sierra-Cedar well into the future,” says Joshua Langemann, President of Can/Am Technologies.

This is Can/Am’s first implementation project with Sierra-Cedar, which is an exciting milestone and should provide a foundation for future work together. The Teller team is excited to work with San Luis Obispo, an awesome city with great people who will benefit from the accountability, communication, and integration that Teller has to offer.

About the City of San Luis Obispo

The City of San Luis Obispo combines the friendly, small feel of a home town with the modern, upbeat vibe of one of California’s most scenic college towns. At just a fifteen-minute drive from the ocean, this town and the surrounding area boast many attractions including vineyards, hiking, beaches, and unique historic buildings. The city government provide all services, and is committed to service, quality, and a forward-looking design in their endeavors.

About Teller & Can/Am Technologies

Can/Am Technologies strives to deliver transparent technology that empowers organizations to create spectacular customer interactions. Our core values include the inherent value of people, removing barriers, and growth. We believe technology should show respect to people’s value and get out of the way so they can fulfill their role unhindered.

Since its inception 17 years ago, Can/Am has valued excellence and integrity, thus earning it the confidence of its clients. Since beginning development in 2006, Teller has always been designed to streamline cashiering operations and make payments simple for government entities. Now on the web, this product is constantly growing and advancing with a meaningful roadmap to extend its capacity well into the future.

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About Sierra-Cedar

Sierra-Cedar is distinguished as a leading provider of Oracle Application services for government and education clients, having delivered more than 2,000 such Oracle projects over the past 25 years. It is an Oracle Platinum Partner which uses advanced tools, templates, and methodologies to facilitate efficient, accelerated, low risk, and high-quality implementations with a focus on knowledge transfer. Over the years, it has delivered many transformative Oracle projects for cities and counties. This experience equips Sierra-Cedar with valuable insights into typical municipal business process requirements, data structures, transactions, organization structures, and culture.

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